Creative, Designer Grooming 

Give your beloved K9 something truly unique — K9 Design’s Colorful, Creative Grooming is a playful, and even elegant way, to “think outside the box” when it comes to your special pet-friend’s individual style.

With our Creative Grooming options you have your choice of hair coloring, paw polish, hair extension and/or feather extensions for your pooch. In hair coloring, we do body stencil stamps as well as K9 ears and tails with the hair color of your choice. 

Extensions and paw polish are simple ways to add some unique color and style to your pooch. Talk to us in the salon for more info and what you would like us to do! Your pet will love all the extra attention.

Service Details

  • Color Dye Ears / Tail
  • Body Color Stencil Stamp
  • Coat Hair Extensions
  • Feather Extensions
  • Paw Nail Polish

Creative Grooming Pricing

  • Hair Coloring:
    • Small $30  |  Medium $35  |  Large $40  |  X-Large $45
  • Pretty Paws Nail Polish: $10.00
  • Hair Extensions: $10.00
  • Feather Extensions: $10.00
  • Double Extra Fun: 2 for $16.00

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Creative Grooming Service Pictures

K9 Design Dog Sizes Standard

Dog services are based on pet-weight according to the following standards:

Size Weight
› Small Up to 20 lbs
› Medium From 21 to 40 lbs
› Large From 41 to 59 lbs
› X-Large 60 lbs +

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