About K9 Design Grooming Salon

Use the tabs below to learn more about K9 Design. See what sets us apart as an upscale, professional and truly unique dog grooming salon.

Mission Statement

K9 Design has much to offer and contribute in serving our people and community. Know that you, our guest, will always be our number one concern. No matter if you walk on 2 or 4 legs, (sometimes 3), we seek to treat everyone with the utmost respect and care as if you are a part of our family.

A big portion of our dog grooming practice is paying attention to detail. We will always check for anything that might look, smell or feel to be a health concern and report these findings to you. This is a great way to tell between the average dog groomer and an educated, experienced and passionate groomer.

It is K9 Design’s hope here to teach our pet-clients tips and tricks on how to best maintain their pets’ overall happiness and health.

Our Bio & Story

K9 Design is a family owned business. My sister and I have always had a passion for animals but the K9 has a special place in our hearts. With 18 years of experience and certified completion from the Grooming School of Indiana the choice is clear, this is the best career ever!

We have had the privilege of traveling and serving clients across the US and from many places around the world. A few places include the States of Indiana, Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, now Washington State as well as the country of South Korea.

These experiences have been extremely diverse and much has been gained along the way. From it all, the idea for K9 Design Grooming Salon was conceived and now put into action.

Learning how to accommodate different atmospheres, people and even climates has proven invaluable to our grooming experience. Standard, custom, hunting, Asian styling, mushing and creative grooming are all techniques and knowledge that have been picked up along the way and there is still so much more to learn.

We could continue to go on about our love for life and grooming but coming in will give you the best sense of who we are. Come find out about us, what K9 Design does and what makes us truly something different!

Now that you know us, we are curious and interested in getting to know you and your pet BFF. If there is anything else that can be contributed to enhance the well-being and health of your family member please let us know!

Reach us by phone at(253) 531-5850 or email at k9designgroomingsalon@gmail.com.

We also have an active contact page, we take pride in our business and will get back to you quickly!

Military Honor  |  Vet Respect

K9 Design Grooming Salon LLC is beyond honored to offer a military discount in honorable respect to those who are freely serving & protecting on behalf of K9 Design & on behalf of us all.

Show us your active Military ID for 10% off as a way to say thank you, and from us, “Thank you!” We look forward to seeing you there so book now!

Public Safety & Protection  |  First Responders

With well-earned respect and pride, K9 Design Grooming Salon seeks to honor our local first responders. Those men and women who dedicate their workdays to ensuring the safety, health, and stability of us all: firefighters, police officers, and paramedics.

K9 Design is proud to offer a 10% service discount as a way to say thank you. And we do — we thank you — for your efforts, motivation and enthusiasm in both serving and protecting our community.