Same Day Services

Our Same Day Services offer a drop-in, no appointment needed method to get regular hygiene care services for your dog.

K9 Design’s services promote the heath, hygiene and happiness of our pet-friends by regular upkeep and maintenance of their needs.

Available Same Day Services Include: Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression, Nail Clip & Hygiene Trim.

Walk In Service Details

  • No Appointment Required
  • Ears Clean/Pluck
  • Anal Glands Check/Express
  • Dremel® Nail File
  • Hygiene Clip

Same Day Services & Pricing

Ears $15  |  Nails $15  |  Anal Expression $12  |  Hygienic Area $15

Walk In Service Nail Trim

$15 Feet

$15 Ear Cleaning

Walk In Service Ear Cleaning

Walk In Service Hygiene Clip

$15 Hygiene Care

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