Same Day Services

Our Same Day Services is based on the volume of business for that day. We ask everyone to please call and check if we are able to service your dog. We apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause. We are currently short staffed like most business and need to focus on our clients that have made their appointments ahead of time. This will change once the right applicant is hired on to join our unique team. 


K9 Design’s services promote the heath, hygiene and happiness of our pet-friends by regular upkeep and maintenance of their needs.

Available Same Day Services Include: Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression, Nail Clip & Hygiene Trim.

Same Day Service Details

  • Appointment Required
  • Ears Clean/Pluck
  • Anal Glands Check/Express
  • Dremel® Nail File
  • Hygiene Clip

Same Day Services & Pricing

Ears $15  |  Nails $20  |  Anal Expression $12  |  Hygienic Area $15

Walk In Service Nail Trim

$15 Feet

$15 Ear Cleaning

Walk In Service Ear Cleaning

Walk In Service Hygiene Clip

$15 Hygiene Care

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