K9 Design Grooming Packages

K9 Design Grooming Packages

Specialty Grooming Services

Does your pet-friend have specific care needs or are you as their owner looking for something special for them?

We are more than pleased to offer many dogcare packages aimed at promoting the health, well-being and appearance of your beloved K9.

Choose from our available K9 Design Grooming Packages as an add-on to your groom!

1. Brilliant White

With Brilliant White, your BFF will be receive our go-to whitening shampoo and doggy facial for a true whitening experience.

For stubborn fur stains never fear as our show chalk is always near to ensure that ultimate clean look.

With teeth brushed and coat fluffed, your pampered pooch will be ready for any occasion!

Deluxe Bath or Designer Haircut Service
  • $12.00 Small
  • $14.00 Medium
  • $16.00 Large
  • $18.00 X-Large

2. No Flea Left Behind

There isn’t a dog, (or dog owner), who wants fleas or ticks. They can be bothersome or hurtful to our beloved pet-friends. No Flea Left Behind is K9 Design’s flea & tick removal package & guarantee extending to every corner of our salon.

In this package, our dog-clients are bathed in our 100% natural pest removal shampoo that is naturally-effective at smothering out and eliminating these harmful parasites.

Every bath is accompanied by a thorough coat check where any & all tick(s) will be removed with the utmost precision and care. Our name is our guarantee — No Flea Left Behind.

Deluxe Bath or Designer Haircut Service
  • $13.00 Small
  • $15.00 Medium
  • $18.00 Large
  • $20.00 XLarge

3. Ultra De-Shed

Our Ultimate De-Shedding package is possible due to our top-of-the-line equipment for your dog’s coat as well as K9 Design’s skill-technique and professional know-how. The Ultimate De-Shedding process can take up to 40 minutes depending on breed and coat type.

Our Ultra De-Shedding package promotes both healthy fur and skin to compliment a fully healthy coat, making this service like giving your pet-friend an extreme doggy exfoliation. Now that’s definitely something to bark about!

Deluxe Bath or Designer Haircut Service
  • $15.00 Small
  • $17.00 Medium
  • $19.00 Large
  • $21.00 X-Large

4. Bubbleless Bath*

Refreshen and maintain your pooch in-between grooms! With this service your dog will be bathed with a dry-waterless shampoo, fully brushed & combed, followed up with an ear cleaning, teeth brushing, hygiene area clean-up and under-pad touch-up. All finished off with fresh cologne & a new bandana for a fully freshened pooch!

K9 Design highly encourages this service package for the maintenance of our dog-clients’ happiness and health.

Deluxe Bath or Designer Haircut Service
  • $12.00 Small
  • $14.00 Medium
  • $17.00 Large
  • $20.00 XLarge

*Four (4) weeks max from the time of last groom.

5. Special Time

All of us need special time and attention sometimes — genuine TLC is good for the heart — and our pet best-friends are no different! With this package we will spend extra personal attention time and care according to your pet’s specific needs, whatever they may be!

Deluxe Bath or Designer Haircut Service
  • $14.00

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K9 Design Grooming Packages

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