Frequently Asked Questions

K9 Design Grooming Salon has put together our Frequently Asked Questions for our customers’ convenience. If you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

K9 Design Grooming Salon has put together our Frequently Asked Questions for our customers’ convenience. If you don’t find what you are looking for, let us know!

Appointment & Scheduling FAQs

Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

Yes, all services require an appointment. To make an appointment, we offer online booking or you can call us or send us an email.

If you are new, we ask that you call so we can gather your vaccination information, create a profile and give a brief introduction on who we are and how we operate so you can be sure that we are the right fit for you and your pup.

What Type of Payment Do You Accept?

In-store, we accept all major credit cards, google pay, apple pay and cash.

What Vaccination Records Do I Need to Receive Services?

Rabies vaccinations are required through federal law. After the booster and initial year is up it is required to have the rabies vaccine updated every 3 years. This must be done before receiving any of our services.  Bordetella and DHPP vaccines are strongly encouraged for the protection of your pet-friend and the pets of others.

Consider what the following officials say concerning rabies & vaccinations:

How Do I Book a Grooming Appointment Online?

Go to our online appointment schedule, browse for your desired appointment date then select your desired services. We have a bath only option for those that do not require haircuts.  If you need assistance, this is a step-by-step process that we will be more than happy to help with if needed, (253)531-5850.

What Do I Need to Do to Cancel an Appointment?

Simply call us day or night. If we are unavailable to answer, just leave a message and we will be sure to cancel your appointment. We do require a 24-hour notice so please cancel within this time frame.

K9 Design FAQs

Where are You Located & What Areas Do You Serve?

K9 Design is a full service pet grooming salon. We are located right near Spanaway Lake Park in the Spanaway Village Center of Tacoma Washington next to Tractor Supply®, LA Fitness® & Safeway®.

K9 Design provides professional dog grooming services & pet care for the Tacoma city proper. Looking for professional, reliable & loving dog groomers to care for your best friend? Come over to K9 Design — located off Pacific Avenue at 15631 Pacific Ave S, Suite #8, 98444. We are only minutes from JBLM, Lakewood, Puyallup, South Hill, Parkland, Dupont & Fife — wherever you are at: we are not too far and, as our clients say, we are well-worth the trip!

What Kind of Experience and Training Does K9 Design Have?

K9 Design Grooming Salon offers you an overall 27+ years of on-hands experience, a university education and a completed certificate from the Grooming School of Indiana.

But we don’t plan on stopping there! K9 Design future plans is to go above and beyond to become AKC certified in the non-sporting group, sporting group, long-legged Terriers and short-legged Terriers group!

Do You Have Experience with My Dog Breed?

One of our most frequently asked questions and the simple answer is: “Yes we do!”

18+ years of experience acquired from across many U.S. States has given us plenty of hands-on opportunities with dogs of all breed types.

What Are Your Different Departments?

K9 Design Grooming Salon has 7 different departments: Dog Haircuts ~ Bathing ~ Creative Designer Grooming ~ K9 Design Packages ~ Same Day Service ~ and Retail.

May I See Your Facility?

 The beauty of K9 Design is the open concept style the salon has been created which that allows clients to see the entire grooming process happen from our front lobby or window. So, if you are interested in where your dog will be during their stay, you are able to see about 90% of it before or during your drop off.

If you decide to visit, please call us before doing so. This allows us to schedule you for a time that we may be able to serve you best and that does not excite dogs that may be on the tables being groomed. Exciting clients’ dogs when entering beyond our lobby increases risk for injury and extends the time for that client’s appointment.

What are Your Store Hours?
  • • MON – FRI:  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • • SAT:  9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Grooming & Services FAQs

How Much Will My Pet's Groom Cost?

This answer will vary on what service you choose, pet size, hair cleanliness & condition as well as potentially the temperament of your pet. Styling and coat type are also what we will factor in once we get to know you and your pet.

With K9 Design’s services and pricing, you can control the amount you want to invest in your best friend’s cleanliness and health. For more on base prices of our services, see our pet care services page.

How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?

This varies from dog to dog and their personal life & play style. Generally, it’s suggested that your pet-friend comes in every 2 to 8 weeks. This depends on the style and length you desire for your pet.

We suggest you bring your dog in sooner if you notice any the beginning signs of matting, visible uncleanliness or if your pet just flat out smells!

How Often Does My Dog Need a Nail Trimming and Do I Need an Appointment?

This answer also varies depending on your dog breed, personal growth rate and lifestyle. We recommend that you come in every 4 weeks if your dog does not receive naturally filing from walking/hiking on coarse surfaces. With natural filing, you may only need a nail trim every 6-8 weeks.

Due to the setup, standards and usual busyness of the salon, calling ahead and making an appointment is encouraged. We also encourage you to come be with your pet during their nail trimming session.

Besides Brushing, Shampoo and Haircut, What Services Do You Provide?

K9 Design has many service packages and upgrades available designed to pamper your pet or improve their overall health and happiness. This section is growing, so ask us for more details!

K9 Design also has a quality goods retail department that is in the beginning of establishment. Ask us about our retail when you are with us in the salon!

Why Do You Need to Pluck My Dogs Ear Hair and Does It Hurt Them?

Dogs with ear-hair that continuously grows as well as dogs with drop style ears are typically in need of having their ear-hair plucked. This is a hygienic care service that helps protect your dog from persistent moisture settling in their ears that can cause many types of common ear infections.

At K9 Design, we use a dog ear powder product that dries out water to help remove it from their ear. Ear powder also dries out the hair connected to the skin, prepping the hair for removal. Our dog ear powder and experienced technique assists in removing your pet’s ear-hair with as little discomfort as possible. And remember, plucking a dog’s ear hair is a hygiene service that can significantly reduce your pet’s chance for common canine ear infections.

Looking for More Information on Dogs and Grooming?

Consider what the following professional organizations say concerning dogs and grooming hygiene:

How Long Will I Need to Leave My Dog?

We ask on average 4 hours for any dog. If many cases this can be longer. Reasons your groom time may be longer include: if you are requesting a designer cut, have multiple dogs, have a giant breed, have a dog with long hair or a dog that requires extra groom time due to personality or other concerns.

I Don’t Want My Dog There Too Long. Can I Get Him/Her Done Before 4 Hours?

Unfortunately, we cannot fulfil this request. Due to the way we rotate and give each dog breaks, this disrupts the time we have promised all our other clients. It can create a domino effect and may cause us to skip another dog’s break or force us to rush through the next appointment’s groom, which is not the way of the K9 Design Difference.

Why does K9 Design Grooming Salon LLC require an average of 4 hours to groom my dog?

K9 Design proudly labels itself as a non-traditional, upscale grooming salon. We stand for professional quality and true canine care, which takes time. In your paid grooming price, you are paying for that time and quality care to your pet in addition to K9 Design’s professional, upscale services. Between stages of your pet’s grooming service they are given breaks, time to drink water and even treats, if approved, for reward and encouragement.

If you feel that 4 or more hours is too long you may be in search for a traditional grooming shop.

What Makes K9 Design’s Grooming Services Different?

K9 Design has a unique grooming process, skill set, tools and technique that produces happier, healthier, better maintained dogs with higher quality haircuts above other grooming shops. But don’t just take our word for it, talk to our clients or check out our reviews.

Here, all dogs are put into a rotation. Once your dog arrives, we allow them time to get comfortable and settle in. Most dogs, but not all, will get the opportunity to roam the facility to understand their environment. Then they may go to their kennel to relax. Once they have fully settled in, they are in rotation to get groomed.

In between each stage of their grooming, (prep-work, bath, blow drying, nail trim, brushing, haircut, de-shedding etc.), dogs are given breaks to settle down, drink water and even receive treats. This is the overall breakdown of our rotation. Each dog receives several breaks through their time.

We do not believe in pushing any dog (our clients’ beloved pets) through the grooming process that most dogs find uncomfortable or stressful. Pushing a dog can lead to extreme behavior, high anxiety and an overall unenjoyable experience – a lot of times for both a dog and their owner.

The K9 Design Difference is to completely turn around the dog grooming industry through an overhaul of the grooming process alongside our uniquely original business set of education, experience and professionalism in standards, tools, techniques and, of course, our 5 star customer service.

Do You Still Offer a Self-Serve Dog Wash Service?

Not we do not. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a self-serve option due to the limited number of bathtubs in our facility.

Can Groomers Provide Flea and Tick Treatment For My Dog?

Yes we can. No Flea Left Behind! is our tick and flea removal package. We take extra preventive measures before, during and after our thorough pest-treatment service to ensure that there really is no flea left behind!

Salon Policy FAQs

Do You Accept Aggressive Dogs?

No, we do not accept aggressive dogs and are a No-Muzzle facility. The safety of our employees and other dogs is a top priority, and a part of the K9 Design Difference is aimed at providing a relaxed, stress-less environment. If a dog expresses aggressive behavior, we will stop and send the pet home. If this occurs after grooming has started, we will require a full charge of the grooming service. This is why full honesty and disclosure from the pet owner is highly encouraged.

K9 Design defines “Dog Aggression” as: intent to harm or bite an employee or other dogs (not just nip or nervousness) and includes cage aggression and violent aggression towards tools.

My Dog Loves People but Can Be Aggressive with Other Dogs, Is This Okay?

No, for the safety of the other dogs at K9 Design, we cannot accept dog-aggressive pets. K9 Design is set up to provide an open, relaxed environment between social, happy dogs who do well with the grooming process, our employees and our other clients’ dogs.

My Dog Isn’t Kennel Trained or Doesn’t Like the Kennel....

We unfortunately do not have a place to put them and have to refuse such pets as they can be a danger to themselves or our employees if in a cage.

What Is Your Policy on Matted Coats?

If your dog is too matted, we will have to shave it down and you will be charged our de-matting fees if we do. For first time visits, we may make an exception if possible and try to remove the matting through tools and techniques, but after that we will shave. If dogs habitually come in with mats, the dog(s) will be shaved and charged our de-matting fee.

Proper care and brushing of your dog between visits as well as regular visits to K9 Design is a way to avoid resulting shaving and fees.

My Dog Is Super Sweet But Doesn’t Do Well With Grooming....

Any excessive wiggling for any process, biting of equipment, blow drying, brushing, clippers, scissoring etc. Only dogs that are good with grooming

My Dog Will Only React Poorly for Certain Parts of Grooming, Will You Still Accept Him/Her?

No, K9 Design is a non-standard, upscale dog grooming salon aiming to provide a different set of services and products, and in part with this, we only accept dogs that are good at all parts of the grooming process.

My Dog Is Good with Grooming but Can Be Very Vocal....

Due to our contract with the surrounding businesses, we have to refuse pets who are highly vocal.

Can I Leave My Dog with You All Day if Needed?

No, you will be charged a late fee if we did not request for your dog to stay with us. This is because there is not enough space or employees to tend to them.

Other FAQs

Can I Bring in My Own Shampoo?

We allow you to bring in your own shampoo for self-serve (currently unavailable) or if it’s veterinarian prescribed. If you are here for a standard grooming service, we ask you not to bring in your own shampoo. K9 Design Grooming Salon has a variety of shampoos, products and ingredients intended to suit to the needs of your dog(s); ask us. Also, consider our K9 Design Packages for more information.

Do I Need to Leave My Dog All Day?

No, we ask for at least 3 – 4 hours to get your dog fully clean and looking awesome. This may be longer. Leaving your dog longer than your appointment slot will incur a late pickup fee.

Do You Kennel Dry Dogs?

Depending on the tolerance of your pet, here at K9 Design we prefer to hand dry and blow dry our dog-clients; however, kennel drying can sometimes be required.

Can I Stay and Watch While You Groom My Dog?

Unfortunately, we don’t allow you to stay. In our many years of experience we know that most dogs become very excited, nervous or anxious when they are not able to be next to their owner who is in the same room. This can make the grooming process very difficult or potentially dangerous for the dog or the employee. We do encourage you to help sooth your pet during nail trims.

When Should My Puppy Come In For a First Groom?

Frequently Asked Questions First Time Puppy VisitWe suggest you bring your new puppy in when they are 8 weeks or older. The correct introduction to grooming is vital for your puppy’s future behavior as well as their familiarity and happiness with the grooming hygiene process.

We take our time getting to know our pet-clients and helping them feel secure, confident and comfortable with their routine visits-to-come.

Do You Groom Cats?

Sorry for the inconvenience but we do not groom cats at this time. Our plans are to one-day open our doors up to our feline friends once we expand and create the proper atmosphere.

Do You Give Military Discount?

Yes, K9 Design offers 5% off for active duty military personnel on their highest service charge. Service must be $50 or more to receive.